Checkout the latest episode of Garage Den! (Broncos Vs Dolphins)

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Hosted by TheMadFanatic and Gnice “Garage Den” is a pre game show centered around the Denver Broncos that takes place in a garage converted into a sports den (man cave). With a cool mix of music, wit, humor, and sports knowledge “garage den” is a unique pre game show unlike any other on youtube. One might describe it as “PTI” (ESPN) meets “The Basement” (BET) maybe with a touch of “Wayne’s World” Click Here to watch the latest episode!

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“Mad” Official Music Video is HERE!!!

Mad (edited)

Click here to watch the full video

This song is very personal to me because often times during my journey I find myself losing faith that I will reach my goal of being the unofficial “Voice” of Denver Broncos fans for the Mile High Music I create. The video captures a lot of those real moments that happen to every artist along the way where your putting in countless hours and your driving around in a old beat up car and your struggling to get people to even give your music a chance. The good news is I have faith in god and I don’t allow myself to wallow in self pity for too long and I believe that “in order to get to it you have to go trough it” which is something I actually heard this morning on Joel Osteen but it definitely resonated. People like fans sending me letters saying that my song about FOOTBALL got them through a divorce or my story helped them deal with their own addictions is what usually snaps me outta my funk and helps me to keep pushing. Thank you to everyone who’s ever shared one of my everyone that ever took the time to listen to one of my songs. Keep sharing the music because it really helps.

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