“35″ thats more than just a number to us…..

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The Year of the Horse (2014) will be a season of redemption for the Denver Broncos. We lost by 35 in the biggest game possible and the bad taste it left in the mouths of our players and fans will serve as a rallying cry for our team all year. We cannot simply look past it and move forward we must embrace that pain, embrace that embarrassment and use it for fuel to work that much harder, to be that much more ready and focused this time around.

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Greatest Owner Ever


“I was repeatedly asked by countless die hard broncos fans that were devastated by the news of long time Broncos owner Pat Bowlen stepping down from ownership to deal with his worsening Alzheimer’s to be a voice for the fans and honor Pat Bowlen with a tribute song and at first I was hesitant to do so because I wasn’t sure I could really find the words but then I thought about my late uncle who had Alzheimer’s and I just spoke from the heart. I feel like making sure he knows that even if he forgets about us, we will never forget about him might be comforting and also I wanted to let Pat Bowlen know that he’s been nothing short of amazing as an owner so I called this song Greatest Owner Ever. Please share this song and hopefully it will find the people who need to hear it most”


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Year of the Horse Album (Sneak Peek)

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For 30 days only we’re offering everyone a chance to preorder the Broncogang Collector’s Edition of TheMadFanatic’s new “Year of the Horse” album. The Broncogang Collector’s Edition of the album is a hard copy CD and includes 5 additional Bonus tracks which are not featured on the standard version. It also includes a lyric book featuring the lyrics to all 20 songs. Those who preorder will also receive the album a full week before it comes out to the public!
Click Here to check out the album preview and make sure you check out the Year of the Horse Collection as well.

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