“Ode to Barrel Man”

Barrel Man thumb

December 5th 2009 Tim “The Barrel Man” Mckernan, Icon amongst Broncos fans passed away. I encouraged people to show up the game on December 7th, 2014 dressed in Barrels to pay homage to the greatest fan that ever lived. I interviewed dozens of people who shared their stories and memories of the Barrel Man and even performed my song “Ode to Barrel Man” with the participants. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT TURNED OUT

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Garage Den (Broncos Chargers)

new episode shot

Due to the fact that I was flying standbye, I ended up staying an extra day in Denver and I was faced with the possibility of not having Garage Den this week. Instead of simply giving up we decided to use what we had and reach out to our audience and see if anyone in the Denver area had their own Broncos Cave where we could shoot and we found this AWESOME garage which was owned by Chris Wood and Ray Ray and myself headed over there to shoot. Unfortunately I didn’t have the proper equipment on hand since I hadn’t planned on shooting Garage Den, so you might notice the poor audio and sub par visual quality but given the circumstances Im pretty happy with the way this episode turned out! Click Here to Watch the FULL EPISODE

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